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Mariner is in KAIYAN’S Legend Of the Century Museum, Mariner was founded in 1983, 125 years ago, a simple and diligent Valencia man, Enrique Mariner Games, began a lot of efforts and more fantasy in his life’s adventure. In 1893, on the streets of Barcelona, an anonymous person completed a family career legend. A century ago, he would bring the names of Mariner to more than 70 countries, now becomes TOP international luxury home flagship brand around the world.
1.Lighting is import from Spain
2.Please contact us if you have any question or inquiries.

Product Detail


From the exotic European manners, the style is cut into folds one by two, inlaid in the flow of light as said water, shimmering. Handmade fabric lamp placement. The texture is meticulous and textured, the light is soft and elegant, the art is cast, the aristocratic model. Gazing in the bright sunlight, looking at the distance that no one can know, caressing the shoulders alone, gently stretching out the fingers, fingers interlocked, holding an eternal beauty.


KAIYAN uses imported Austrian crystals, Austrian crystals are manufactured by adding lead technology to the manufacturing process of glass, with the appearance of crystal texture, very transparent and shiny.

When the light radiates through the crystal, the soft crystal lamp is a special scenery in the European living room.
Fashionable and luxurious lights create a comfortable and high quality atmosphere to highlight the quality of space so that the home in the crystal shining light to highlight the beauty of space.


The sun is bright, the distance that no one can know, caressing the shoulders alone, gently stretching out the delicate fingers, interlocking fingers, holding an eternal beauty.


Item No: KD0720J15090W17
Specification: D1150 H1000mm
Light source: E14*15
Finish: Brass+clear+black
Material: Brass+crystal+shade
Voltage: 110-220V
Light bulbs are excluded.
Brand: Mariner

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