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CAESAR Crystal
Each product from Caesar Crystal is a masterpiece, showcasing the intricate and delicate handcrafting skills of the artisans. The brand has been known for its exceptional quality, and its products are considered a symbol of luxury, elegance, and beauty.

The history of the Czech crystal industry, and Caesar Crystal in particular, can be traced back to the end of the 16th century, making it one of the oldest crystal brands in the world. The brand has a rich heritage and has been passed down from generation to generation, each time with the same dedication to preserving the quality and artistry of its products.

One of the defining characteristics of Caesar Crystal is its use of high-quality materials and traditional techniques to create each piece. The artisans use the finest crystal, which is carefully cut and polished to perfection, to create their beautiful products. The crystal is then hand-crafted and molded into the final product, ensuring that each piece is unique and of the highest quality.

In addition to its beauty and quality, Caesar Crystal is also known for its versatility. The brand's product line includes a wide variety of pieces, from elegant vases and candleholders to intricate chandeliers and beautiful table lamps. This versatility allows the brand to meet the needs of a wide range of customers, from those looking to add a touch of luxury to their homes to those seeking the perfect gift for a loved one.Caesar Crystal with pure color series, gold plated series, color crystal and other series.

In conclusion, Caesar Crystal is truly a national treasure in the Czech Republic. Its long history and exceptional quality have made it one of the most sought after brands in the world. Whether you are a collector of fine crystal or simply looking to add a touch of luxury to your home, Caesar Crystal is a brand that should not be missed. With its unique artistic charm, it is sure to become a cherished piece in any collection.


Ceramic Jewelry
Gianni Lorenzon and his sister Loretta had a vision in 1971 that would change the world of art ceramics forever. They saw the potential of ceramic art and founded a ceramics company in Nov, which has since become a renowned name in the industry. Over the years, the company has earned recognition and accolades from all over the world for its unique and truly exceptional products.

The company's commitment to innovation and invention has allowed it to create ceramic products that stand out in terms of size, delicacy, and value. Its ceramic flowers, in particular, are highly prized for their intricate details and the delicate workmanship that goes into each piece. The company has managed to retain the traditional craftsman's approach to its work activities, which has helped it maintain the high quality and uniqueness of its products.

In the past few decades, the company has established itself as the ideal choice for those looking for high-quality ceramic home decorations. The company takes great care in selecting the materials used in its products, ensuring that only the finest quality is used in the creation of its ceramics. This, combined with its unique designs, fully embodies the characteristics of made in Italy and sets Ceramic Lorenzon apart from its competitors.

In conclusion, Ceramic Lorenzon is a company that stands out in the world of art ceramics, thanks to the vision of Gianni Lorenzon and his sister Loretta. Its commitment to innovation, quality, and unique designs has made it the industry leader in the manufacturing of ceramic home decorations. Whether you are looking for a unique piece of art or simply a beautiful decoration for your home, Ceramic Lorenzon is the ideal choice for the most demanding products.


Customized chandelier with big size just KAIYAN can provide this service.TIME DREAM SERIES is an original design of KAIYAN, KAIYAN cooperated with SEGUSO deeply(SEGUSO is traditional Italian handmade glass brand) ,we imported Italian handmade glass skills and technicians. As the technological details and proud artistic creation of KAIYAN glass chandelier, it continues the pure Italian customs and aesthetic standards.


Item No: JKBJ670090OSJ14
Material: Hand-made glass
Brand: Duccio Di Segna


Item No: JKBJ690031OSJ14
Material: Hand-made glass
Brand: Duccio Di Segna


Item No: JKHS560012OSJ14
Size: D200 H250 / D270 H350 mm
Material: Caesar crystal
Brand: Caesar


Item No: JKJS590003OSJ14
Size: D80H100mm
Material: Caesar crystal
Brand: Caesar

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