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Customized baccarat classical series with big size just KAIYAN can provide this service. The landmark chandelier is a masterpiece that shows the exquisite craftsmanship of Baccarat.

1.Lighting can be customized.
2.Please contact us if you have any question or inquiries.

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With outstanding artistic views and forward-looking international vision, KAIYAN cooperates with the selection of the world's top brands to present the world's top household art in one-stop fashion. World luxury elements, handmade glass and crystal art converge here. KAIYAN offer high-end customized lighting for personal club, luxury villa.

An extra-large size Baccarat chandelier with 324 lights adds a touch of luxury and class to both villa and commercial properties. Such huge baccarat shows the most professional industry level of KAIYAN. This chandelier design includes all the classic features that have made Baccarat fixtures so renowned, from the standard crystal elements to the crystal cups for covering the candles. In addition to its exquisite design, each light is crafted with high-quality materials like leaded crystal glass, giving it a unique shimmer that will elevate the atmosphere of any room it’s placed in. This magnificent chandelier is sure to add an eye-catching statement piece to your property that not only shows off your style but also provides a beautiful source of illumination too.


Customized is also available.
Seven-Star sales service process
We are more inclined to a talk about lighting art, accompanied by professional sales and service team, from style to design, we will record customers' ideas and suggestions, become our precious reference and archives.
Professional designers are involved in the one-to-one in-depth discussion of lamps and lanterns art. Based on the customers' style color intention and unique personality taste, the personality is more extraordinary with professional cognition and top design thinking. The designer will carefully communicate with the client, clarify their individual requirements, and collect relevant information
Based on the signing of the contract and the collection of customer information and our professional insights, we will provide the preliminary design scheme.
We will be forged with ingenuity by relying on the perfect product production chain and quality control process after the final determination of the scheme.
Professional sales team brings seven star butler service experience, sales and service
Full service, scientific and rigorous
Process, perfect after-sales service return visit mechanism, let the sense of dignity from one end.


Customized chandelier with big size just KAIYAN can provide this service.TIME DREAM SERIES is an original design of KAIYAN, KAIYAN cooperated with SEGUSO deeply(SEGUSO is traditional Italian handmade glass brand) ,we imported Italian handmade glass skills and technicians. As the technological details and proud artistic creation of KAIYAN glass chandelier, it continues the pure Italian customs and aesthetic standards.


em No: KQ0023D23400W03-
Specification: D3000 H5000 mm
Light source: E14*234
Finish: White+Clear
Material: Hand-made glass+crystal
Voltage: 110-220V
Light bulbs are excluded.


Item No: KQ0022D32400W01 -
Specification: D3000H5000mm
Light source: E14*6
Finish: Chrome+black
Material: Baccarat Crystal
Voltage: 110-220V
Light bulbs are excluded.

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