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KANYAN high-end personalized home customization service

One KANYAN One World

With 15,000 square meters, the top home style is in full bloom

Integrate the global home furnishing model with the world pattern

Leading the future imagination of home furnishing with continuous innovative design

KANYAN defines a new height of contemporary personalized home customization


Home custom design team

KANYAN cooperates with domestic and foreign well-known soft decoration designers and soft decoration designers to provide soft decoration solutions that are full of life art and aesthetic taste. One-on-one chats about home art through salon discussions, understand customer service needs and thoughts, and continue to communicate. From a professional point of view, it presents the home ideals of extraordinary tasters.

Design is the soul of KANYAN, and the company has always maintained its leading position in design. The absorption and cultivation of design talents is one of the most important concepts the company adheres to.

KANYAN's high-end overall home customization main creative team is composed of more than 40 first-line designers from all over the world, 70% of whom are senior designers with more than 10 years of experience, with an international vision and extraordinary innovative spirit.


Butler-level service

after-sales team

The professional sales team brings a seven-star butler-style service experience, enjoys the whole process of exclusive service, scientific and rigorous sales and service process, and perfect after-sales service return visit mechanism, so that the sense of dignity will continue from the beginning.


Ingenious manufacturing

The ingenuity of Zhenpin is the continuous breakthrough of craft materials

KANYAN Manufacturing

KANYAN has 8 factories and more than 20 production departments. While the production personnel are producing efficiently, they strictly control each process; they encourage the R&D personnel to innovate as the driving force, optimize the design, and do every detail carefully. The perfect production system and R&D system ensure the orderly production of orders. Achieve yield optimization and timely delivery times.


Global selection of top materials

Carrying the perfect design concept and extreme craftsmanship
More than 98 rigorous crafts blend with the warmth of manual skills
Precision and rationality of modern manufacturing


Crystal imported from Austria

KAIYAN chooses crystals imported from Austria. The manufacture of Austrian crystals is produced by adding lead technology to the glass manufacturing process. The appearance has a crystal texture, which is very transparent and shiny. Austrian crystal raw materials come from natural materials, which can have various colors and shapes, but the production process is extremely cumbersome. Austrian crystal beads have good luster, colorful light under the light, uniform and sharp cutting, very uniform size, and clear water chestnuts.


Top Copper

Copper products are closest to the quality of nobility, lasting for a long time, and have collection value. The copper selected by Kaiyuan comes from the high-quality ore source in Dexing, Jiangxi, 65% brass, 35% zinc aluminum alloy and silver. Formulated according to the national standard composition ratio, it has good fluidity and strong plasticity when melting copper and casting molds, and will not produce impurities and air bubbles. Copper, one of the most useful and valuable natural resources in the world, is a great gift from nature to human beings. For thousands of years, copper's durability, plasticity, electrical and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and excellent alloying and antibacterial characteristics have made it shine with irreplaceable qualities of other metals.


Spanish Alabaster

Snowflake has conquered countless masters with the nobility of "like a stone but not a stone, the king of stones", and has also won the praise of countless appreciators. Natural snowflake stone not only has the texture of stone, but also has the feel of jade, smooth as fat, The whiteness is like the purest cloud in the sky, and the transparency is better than the noblest jade.

The natural stone patterns in the alabaster are not only the most obvious identification of the alabaster's identity, but also make the suet white of the alabaster stand out. The natural nature of the stone pattern makes people feel more precious when using alabaster, and it is impossible for the most skilled craftsman in the world to produce two products with the same stone pattern.


Nappa leather

Napa leather specifically refers to the "soft top-layer cowhide produced in the Napa region of the United States." With the innovation of technology, now as long as it is produced with advanced technology, the soft genuine leather is also called Napa leather. Napa cowhide has Soft, cold-resistant, noble and other characteristics, silky surface is also one of the characteristics of napa leather. The napa leather cowhide used by Kaiyuan is mainly a dense protective layer of high-quality cows. The pores and lines on the leather surface are very clear, with high strength and good elasticity. The processing technology is also very simple, and the water absorption performance is relatively good. dry.


Hand-dyed non-woven silk fabric

Kaiyuan uses hand-dyed non-woven silk fabrics, a traditional handicraft from Suzhou. Two centuries ago, it was presented to the nobles as royal tributes. Now this skill is reproduced and presented. Each piece is a time-consuming work of craftsmanship and skilled craftsmen.


FAS grade wood

Kaiyuan wood experts travel all over the world, only to find and select high-quality wood used to make Kaiyuan works.

FAS grade walnut is the most preferred material for cutting the core part of walnut. It is characterized by basically no tree scars and holes, the texture of the mountain grain is very natural and smooth, the color difference of the panel is very small, and there are basically no white stripes. , is the top wood in black walnut, which is expensive, so the texture of the work is more exquisite.

Ingenuity Casting process

More than 200 rigorous processes combine the warmth of handicrafts with the
precision and rationality of modern manufacturing


Century Legend Theme Pavilion

For an international luxury century-old home furnishing brand, its value not only reflects the quality of the product, but also a cultural inheritance, a spirit of extreme details, and the KAIYAN Century Legend Theme Pavilion cooperates with the world's top century-old home furnishing brand Malena And continue to expand the cooperative brand to jointly present the legendary epic of home art.

Metal craft

Forging is forging. It is a processing method that uses forging machinery to apply pressure to metal blanks to cause plastic deformation to obtain forgings with certain mechanical properties, certain shapes and sizes. Through forging, the defects such as loose cast state produced in the metal smelting process are eliminated, the microstructure is optimized, and a complete metal streamline is obtained at the same time, so that the processed workpiece has better mechanical properties.


Polishing process

The polishing process is divided into rough polishing and fine polishing. Coarse polishing is a special process that will affect the polishing process and processing safety after welding. Most of the brands on the market will not deliberately add such a process. The fine polishing refers to the need to use 5 processes on the grinding wheel, and then use the hemp wheel and the cloth wheel. After welding, use a grinder, a belt machine, and a sand butterfly machine to grind in sequence, and then use various types of hand grinders to grind to a small position. Use a file to deal with the dead corners of the details, and then use a specially purchased sandblasting machine. Reprocessing makes all the places that cannot be treated more beautiful.

Hand Glassblown

Cooperate with SEGUSO, a traditional Italian handmade glass brand, to show the ancient skills of handmade glass.Transform the melted molten glass into a solid product with a fixed shape. Forming must be carried out within a certain temperature range. This is a cooling process. The glass first changes from a viscous liquid state to a plastic state, and then into a brittle solid state.

The craftsmen hold a long iron pipe, put one end into the red-burning furnace hall, take out the melted glass slurry, put it on the iron pier in front of the furnace, and blow air on the other end of the iron pipe, While holding the viscous glass paste with iron pliers to lift and bend it, after a while, a lifelike glass artwork is completed. The blowing time and blowing volume should be just right, too much blowing will make the end of the product too thin and the size is too large; otherwise, the end will be too thick and the size is too small. Therefore, free luck and proper blowing force are the key to ensure the size of the product.


Italian handmade glass

Italian handmade glass artisans and technicians. As the craftsmanship heritage and proud artistic creation of Kaiyuan glass products, it continues the pure Italian style and aesthetic standards


Hand crystal craft

Kaiyuan cooperates with the crystal cooperation brand Caesar Crystal to discuss the sustainable interpretation of crystal crafts, and introduces Caesar crystal craftsmen, so that the ancient crystal crafts can be perfectly displayed in Kaiyuan's works.


leather craft

Using high-quality genuine leather and artificial sewing technology

Furniture craft

Good quality has to go through a lot of tempering
Full-line supervision from raw materials, manufacturing, to quality inspection,
From large self-built factories to the US CARB F2 environmental protection standard KAIYAN checks every level and builds a fortress of trust with quality
The quality of good furniture is visible In order to make the quality visible We put in a lot of unseen effort


Custom Process

As lighting manufacturers and decorative lighting designers, we save you money by cutting out the middleman.



During this preliminary stage, we open the conversation with a focus on your goals, inspiration, material specifications, & any other details you may have. Our goal is to gather all the information, intentions, and ideas to prepare a quote for you.



According to your needs, we will quote the price for you.



When you confirmed the order, Pay deposit is required priority to production. We will arrange the produce for you. When the order is ready, we will send production photos for your confirmation. Then you pay balance before delivery.



Through communication App or email, we will send you the blueprint.



During the produce, let you know when we start and finished the sample. When we finished the sample, and communicated with you, the sample will delivery to you. You need to check it. When you confirmed the sample, we will arrange the batch production.



We have professional packing experience in overseas shipping and will deliver thegoods according to your requirements.

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