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Camille Series of KAIYAN furniture, each trivial design of this series bring the beauty of comfortable life, pursues simplicity fashion, returns art to the essence of life.

1.Furniture can be customized.
2.Please contact us if you have any question or inquiries.

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An afternoon away from business, let yourself fall into the sofa, steal a good book, watch the sunlight outside the window sneak in, jumping recklessly on the edge of the sofa, a comfortable life, just so, half is art, generally is life. Every insignificant design of Camille series carries the beauty of comfortable life, pursuing the commitment to simplicity without losing fashion, so that the art back to the most essential aspects of life.


Temperament with taste,which makes people not only shocked visually,but also joy mentally.
With its elegant charm,it brings people a relaxed.
Comfortable warm and atmospheric feeling the combination of artistic beauty and modern technology shows the noble quality.


KAIYAN is made of hand-dyed silk fabric, a traditional handicraft from Suzhou.
The hand-dyed silk fabric is a traditional handicraft from Suzhou, which was presented as a tribute to the royal family two centuries ago.
The technique is now recreated and presented in green. Each piece is
Each piece is the work of a skilled craftsman who has taken a long time to make.


KAIYAN insists on providing users with overall high-end fashion and luxury home life elements as the core value concept, insists on brand operation, diversified international vertical and horizontal development policy, so that KAIYAN has more international vision, constantly integrates international top lighting and home brands to synchronize their own high-end fashion and original design, multi-styled design, overall home solutions, to bring fashionable personality and luxury home life experience for contemporary high-end people.


Item No: JJSF010006QZP04
TYPE: Single Sofa
Specification: L1030 W875 H905mm
Material: Dark green frosted leather+ Rose gold SS


Item No: JJSF040005QZP02
TYPE: Loveseat
Specification: L3040 W1030 H900mm
Material: Orange leather+ Rose gold SS


Item No: JJZJ180006QDL00
TYPE: Table
Specification: L1300W900H450 mm
Material: Natural mable+ Rose gold SS


Item No: JJZJ180018QDL01
TYPE: Table
Specification: L900W800H355 mm
Material: Natural wood+ Rose gold SS


Item No: JJZJ180007QDL01
TYPE: Table
Specification: L900 W800 H605 mm
Material: Natural wood+ Rose gold SS

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