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Sylcom is in KAIYAN’S Venice Love Museum, Sylcom was founded in 1965, Master craftsman through their own exquisite craftsmanship Inheriting and creating a unique style of design,
Along tradition of art with unparalleled style and quality.
The manufacturing process of products is all carried out indoors to ensure that every detail of excellence which shows the pure and world-famous Italian handicraft.


1.Lighting is import from Italy.
2.Please contact us if you have any question or inquiries.

Product Detail


Black is a symbol of dignity, nobility and atmosphere. Black is a symbol of dignity, nobility and atmosphere.
The black collection is a symbol of the elegance of black. Quietly dressed in gold, she sways in the night, exploring the mystery of the story.


The craftsman takes a long iron pipe, sticks one end into the red-hot furnace, takes out the melted glass paste, places it on an iron pier in front of the furnace,

blows into the other end of the pipe while holding the sticky glass paste with iron pliers and bends it.

The production of lamps is in the hands of artisans, requiring hundreds of screenings and tens of thousands of miles, enjoying every detail of the lamp body and stunning life with the touch of your hands
Leisurely into the years, savor the process


We clearly understand
The inaccessibility of haute couture is exploring the boundaries of lighting craftsmanship with the posture of "artwork".
It not only shows the user's cultivation and taste, but also reflects the brand's culture and focus


KAIYAN has been trying to create more different things through the specific form of the lamp
Break the existence of the same old thing, To make the product fuller and the experience more free and individual


Item No: KD0060J08048W57
Specification: D910 H790 mm
Light source: E14*8
Finish: Champagne+Black
Material: Hand-made glass
Voltage: 110-220V
Light bulbs are excluded.
Brand: Sylcom

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