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Lorenzon is in KAIYAN’S Venice Love Museum, Lorenzon was founded in 1971, it has made truly unique artistic ceramic works in terms of size, refinement and value through innovation. The meticulous and unique fully reflects the Italian manufacturing characteristics, Lorenzo become the best demanding ideal product choice in the ceramic furniture accessories industry, Lorenzon is famous all over the world.
1.Lighting is import from Italy.
2.Please contact us if you have any question or inquiries.

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Dreams don't need words. They are the garden of the soul. That's why sometimes I feel that dreams are my reality, with waking feelings, a life of release, an exploration of faraway places and the unknown. The nightmare is a reality, while wakefulness seems to be slumber. How I wish time would freeze, because this moment is as deep as the sea. And my life is destined to be as lonely as snow. Because I seem to feel in the dream this is only a dream, but that a feeling fleeting.


A fine piece of carving and polishing requires a dedicated heart, in a carving to feel the copper in the boring years to art conversion, obsessed with the harsh standards to carve every detail, adhere to each process of are infinitely close to the perfect posture.

Luxury is moderate, and simplicity is absolutely vulgar The two seem to be opposite,but they are not contradictory It all depends on details and quality,and advocates the sense of ceremony


This specimen is impressive and opulent, featuring the arms finely decorated that hold delicious corollas upturned, attention to detail, where are housed the light bulbs.


KAIYAN powerful design team one-on-one service - tailor-made Accurate in every scale, a strong backing for exclusive customization The more you enjoy beyond, the more you enjoy customization.


Item No: KD0082J21126W17-
Specification: D800 H700mm
Light source: E14*21
Finish: White+gold
Material: Hand-made ceramic
Voltage: 110-220V
Light bulbs are excluded.
Brand: Lorenzon

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