Czech chandelier, Gold crystal chandelier, Villa crystal chandelier

Short Description:

Gold Crystal Series is in KAIYAN’S Prague Secret Land Museum, it has become one of the biggest crystal chandelier manufacturers in the Czech Republic. It continues the tradition of ornate crystal, the new design also meets customers’ demand for modern concept of Czech glass products, leading a new way of life.

1.Lighting is import from Czech.
2.Please contact us if you have any question or inquiries.

Product Detail


The dark blue sky is filled with stars, like countless pairs of eyes, twinkling. Like the shooting stars in the sky, the silvery lines in the night sky are like searching for the best future in the world. Starry rain painted into the body of the lamp, the fleeting the scenery, forever fixed in this, leaving eternity.


Crystal - Clear and colorless, This otherwise bland crystal, With the artisan's refinement, refracted by light, The light refracts the crystal, Like a bit of starlight in the vast universe.

The production of lamps is in the hands of artisans, requiring hundreds of screenings and tens of thousands of miles, enjoying every detail of the lamp body and stunning life with the touch of your hands Leisurely into the years, savor the process.


Exquisitely carved carved lampshade, smooth and delicate surface, warm as jade, soft light is not harsh.


KAIYAN uses imported Austrian crystals, Austrian crystals are manufactured by adding lead technology to the manufacturing process of glass, with the appearance of crystal texture, very transparent and shiny.

Private customization from the concept to the presentation of excellence, From the innovative concept, sketching, precise design to the dazzling product, the whole process is customized for you, showing the unique and exclusive artistic charm.


Item No: KD0017J06036W81
Specification: D670H430 mm
Light source: E14*6
Finish: Clear
Material: Czech glass+Crystal
Voltage: 110-220V
Light bulbs are excluded.
Brand: Elite Bohemia

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