Sponsor: People’s Government of Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City

Cultural Exchange Festival opened on December 18
Foreign businessmen from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East
Visit KAIYAN LIGHTING company, so sincerely appreciated our showroom and design after the visit.


Cultural Exchange Festival, Ruan Zhilii of the town leader, pointed out that the Guzhen town has the most complete lighting industry chain and mature and stable intellectual property protection capacity. Zhongshan Lighting Intellectual Property Rapid Protection Center of China has been established for ten years. The Center is equipped with good basic conditions and rich experience to deal with foreign disputes over intellectual property rights, relying on resources of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and provides “one-stop” all-round protection for intellectual property rights. The “ancient town model” has become an excellent case of WIPO and an experience promoted by WIPO. The Center will also strive to set up a demonstration site for cross-border e-commerce intellectual property protection in ancient towns to fully protect cross-border e-commerce. With the development of Dawan District, the Guzhen town is accelerating to create a cross-border e-commerce ecological environment with low cost and high efficiency to connect with the global market. With the strategic layout of “selling the world and buying the world”, actively integrate into the new development pattern of domestic and international “double circulation”, specialize in one thing and be versatile, strengthen the chain and supplement the chain, and seek higher level of openness and higher quality development.


KAIYAN LIGHTING CO., LTD, we have Original design and Import design, with lighting, furniture, decorations all for one-stop service, all of our original products were authorized appearance patent.


We integrating design, product and marketing focus on high-end customization. Our showroom with an area of 15000 square meters, multi category, theme and scene, is designed to meet the One-Stop service , pan household, full scene and experiential consumption. It is loved by the majority of consumers , also has been selected as one of the top ten Chinese lighting brand.

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