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Short Description:

The Paris Opera House series is an original product of KAIYAN, design for the noble people


1.Lighting can be customized.

2.Please contact us if you have any question or inquiries.

Product Detail


The majestic palace, bearing the charming space of light and shadow trembling, splashes its own French culture on the lamp body and pins its art in that warm and bright light. The craftsmen are skillful, sweeping gold hand-painting process, like a crown of majesty and splendor, cohesion of an ineffable mysterious power.


The majestic palace,bearing the charming space of light and shadow,splashes its own french culture on the lamp body and reposes its art under the warm and bright light.The craftsmen are skillful and Hand-Painted.They are as dignified and luxurious as a crown.They are full of a mysterious force that can’ be described.


This stunning crystal pendant light combines classic and contemporary elements with eye-catching results. The vintage industrial style black frame is equipped with high-quality clear crystals to inject a dazzling brilliance into your space, add modern elegance and charm to your home. The metal frame is sturdy in construction, made by grinding, welding, polishing, spraying. The exquisite baking paint process, multiple spraying make it corrosion resistance and rust-proof.

A gorgeous design from KAIYAN Lighting. This breathtaking PARIS OPERA HOUSE Chandelier is a beautiful piece from our Deco Collection. With its sophisticated beauty and stunning details, it is sure to add the perfect touch to your decor. 


We can make the size of a chandelier you like smaller or bigger to fit your room perfectly. As a result, you can have a complete chandelier “family” in different sizes.

Almonds, pendalogue, drops, prisms, octagons, raut balls and more crystal shapes are available to you. There are many crystal shapes we can use to customize your chandelier and give it a unique, personal touch.


Item No: KF0013D13800W24

Specification: D2360 H3050mm

Light source: E14*138

Finish: 24K Sand Gold

Material: Brass+Malachaite

Voltage: 110-220V

Light bulbs are excluded.


Item No: KF0013D06030W24

Specification: D660 H710mm

Light source: E14*6

Finish: 24K Sand Gold

Material: Brass+Malachaite

Voltage: 110-220V

Light bulbs are excluded.


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