New Year, Communications Of Learning


We have 15000 square meters hall level brand exhibition hall,
Full style and full category series, freely matching with household categories, forging high-end luxury household design from the perspective of real existence, not rigidly adhering to traditional household models, and creating personalized home art.

KAIYAN consists of KAIYAN International Brand Experience Zone and Original Design Experience Zone. On the one hand, it selects top IMPORT BRANDS for cooperation with world-class vision, Top international luxury brands: MARINER, DUCCIO DISEGNA SYLCOM、SEGUSO,LORENZON、GABBIANI、CAESAR、ELITFBOHEMIA.

The professional sales team brings top service experience, enjoying the whole process of service,
Scientific and rigorous sales and service process, perfect after-sales service return visit mechanism, so that the sense of honor is consistent.

Our company regularly held product learning and communications meetings. In the showroom of KAIYAN International Brand Hall, a team of KAIYAN designers and other people held a learning and communications meeting on product design concepts and processes with KAIYAN salesmen.

The designer explains the design and structure of villa chandelier.



Communications Of Learning

The purpose of this product learning meeting is to organize the learning of chandelier knowledge, design concept, process manufacturing, etc., to continuously improve the professional knowledge and skills of employees, and also to improve the professional knowledge of salesmen in the process of product sales, such as product selling points.

The growth of the enterprise is inseparable from everyone’s hard work and dedication in each position. Through independent learning and experience exchange between teams, KAIYAN people can assess the situation, break through the bottleneck of enterprise development with wisdom, and make it go farther and longer! Let leaders build an efficient team in an all-round way to effectively enhance the cohesion and execution of the enterprise team.

KAIYAN thanks each workmate for their contribution to the company. We regards every workmate as families, and also congratulates “Happy new year! Best wishes to everyone!”




Post time: Feb-20-2023

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