Mariner CEO Visits

ZHONGSHAN KAIYAN LIGHTING Co., LTD is the most luxury brand in the field of lighting. We are the agent of SPAIN MARINER in China. The CEO and their team of Mariner visited our company. They appreciated with our display as a partner , and hope to establish a deeper cooperative relationship.

Allow me to introduce international luxury home flagship brand of Mariner. Mariner since in 1983. 125 years ago, a simple and diligent Valencia man, Enrique Mariner Games, began a lot of efforts and more fantasy in his life’s adventure. In 1893, on the streets of Barcelona, an anonymous person completed a family career legend. A century ago, he would bring the names of Mariner to more than 70 countries.

The unique art of Spain Mariner luxury home brands, their family’s for five generations has been proud of the family achievements. Mariner’s craftsmen have inherited their unique craftsmanship from generation to generation, integrated new technologies and processes in combination with traditional design methods which will use high-end materials in their production .

Mariner has been present in the most important international decoration fairs in the world, since the very beginning ,such as the trade fairs of Paris, Moscow, Trieste, Padova , Genoa, Frankfurt, Hannover ,Cologne Casablanca,Philadelphia ,Stockholm, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beirut, Madrid,
Dubai,Milan and Valencia. Its great exporting nature has always made Mariner stand out in the sector thanks to the development of great projects. At each of the different trade fairs, Mariner has shown the world the various collections of furniture, lighting and decorative items. In this way,
Mariner exhibits its talent year afire year, through the latest designs, which have always been in very high demand by Mariner’s clients.

We integrating design, product and marketing focus on high-end customization. Our showroom with an area of 15000 square meters, multi category, theme and scene, is designed to meet the One-Stop service , pan household, full scene and experiential consumption. It is loved by the majority of consumers , also has been selected as one of the top ten Chinese lighting brand.


Post time: Feb-27-2023

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